Another Time in the Lost Decade

Okay. So I’m taking medication, and I’m supposed to be getting better
But my heart feels so much pain it’s like a sailboat in bad weather
Tossing port then starboard, trying hard to turn the wheel
But the mast has already broken, and the hulls about to keel
Over into the ocean where there’s no chance to grab a life boat
There’s your broken heart a sinking and you’ll grasp at anything that’ll float
Liken past memories to nostalgia; Christ I know they’re just the same
But I got so many distinctions that I can’t even find the same
Explanation for events that I have lived and I have taken
Part of, but to start with, there’s a chance that I could still save them
My hopes and aspirations–whatever left I can give them



Pine Tar

I am not so deficient as I seem,
But neither is the culprit.
So who casts the blame
upon redress and regress?
All pointed towards he
With the mouth wide open.
All opened blame without heed.
‘Cast out the pine towards invaders whom swinging in neglect.’
In sight were the Royals–namely he calleth Brett.
In strenuoution or strife
In life or in Baseball
We yell when we are wronged
getting nothing at all.

To Assume Nothing, A Break From Reality

Northern pine whispers. Bark shrieks;
Chain-saw that tree, kill her before she kills me.
That noise in the forest, assuming nothing.
Bereaved, huggers of mean,
Bald, doctors with no face

Drugs that don’t help any more at all;
That don’t solve, my resolve to be free;
Unchained from this tree.
Holding on for dear life,
Don’t cut her;
Cut me
Loose from the Georgia Pacific.


Nothing Changes Except Staying The Same

More fascist than Disney
But less inclined to get shot.
You make a little bit of money
But then you get shit out of luck.
Lots of people trying to get by, trying to live;
On a salary barely enough to feed a wife, let alone two kids.
Crass enough to laugh at what the president calls a tax break
But dumb enough to stand at this dead end job for what I take.
Home isn’t where the heart is, it’s where the hearts they bleed as one;
And pump out all the oxygen that is going to our lungs.
Saw so many kids in dirty ditches of water
And blimps over the Super Bowl with Bud Light as a sponsor;
Disparity where it’s at man!
Can’t get no satisfaction!
But I could give fuck all about sex;
All I want is cold reactions.
Better think hard and long ’bout society and nature.
And get up the nerve for all these hypocrites that get by fooling nature.
I don’t believe Freud and I don’t believe Prometheus.
I get my kicks out of Hammurabi because he’s so much like Jesus.
Come to think of it degenerates and iconoclast deities,
False truth written in scrolls that get connotation cerebrally;
Live enough time; see some things you don’t like;
No equality, no justice, congress can’t even afford a tax hike.
So rich individuals collecting more on their residuals
Make it hard for me cuz I got a lot less than they do.
They stuck me; I was two weeks short on unemployment;
Checked after I heard they fired me from the union.
Bet your bottom dollar your back pocket feels that pressure.
There is no faith. Only whether,
You know which way the wind blows.

With the exigency of your decisions
It’s like you’re only looking back
To some idealist fifties icon;
Like, I like Eisenhower.
Consider truth as molecular, composed of multiple atoms;
Those divided between practicality and an ideological distinction;
That communism was a greater evil than a capitalist corporation.

(July 2002–Revised 2012)