Interior Spaces

I’m safe.
Safer than I’ve ever been.
Sitting here with all my friends,
We’re all safe.
Safer than we’ve ever been.

Interior spaces
America (You know who I mean)
The Green Zone;
American (per se).

What I do not know doesn’t hurt me until I’m forced to know it.
The burning in my eyes before the sun appears;
Kindling smoke, fraying ends, split hairs.

I am afraid I am safe.
All I’ve ever known is fear.
I’ve always been afraid.

Demagoguery vouchsafed.
When I cry, I can see it all.
How badly I’ve been betrayed.
The hand basket I carried was never meant for hell.

Between here and there, anywhere;
The shortest possible distance, everywhere.
If only there you are safe, then there is no safety.
There is only impending fear,
Depending, on how safe you are.

(Composed July 2004)