Rides for Gift Horses

I had come bearing gifts;
But there was no one to give them to.
Jesus left with his entourage close to an hour ago.
Hell man! I’m stuck here with two sheep,
A drunken old leper, and a horse with no shoes on his feet.
Feeling remiss for the leper, I left him some coinage.
Then I jumped on the horse and rode after Jesus.
After 2 or 3 days, riding this of horse of no control
I got stopped by some Romans that were out on patrol.
They knocked me off my horse and tethered me with shackles;
Said that I was to go before the proconsul.

Now I’m in Jerusalem answering to charges against the empire;
I’m some kind of rebel that’s been plotting to conspire…
“Not at all Praefectus, you see I’m a simple gift giver–
Only wanted to see John and get bathed in the river.
It’s all so confused– I’d like to explain to you,
How a man like me comes to kneel before you.”

…Insolent savage how dare you address me…
For that — twenty years…
Take him to serve on a galley…

Now rowing ores somewhere in the Mediterranean;
Charlton Heston saved me after the hull got crushed in.
So it’s him, some general, and me on a raft due west of Beirut;
The battle got won but still I’ve no where to go.
Heston says god will surely find us a way.
The general says different, he says were both slaves.
That’s fine for Heston I know he gets to meet Jesus;
Plus he was Moses after he worked for the Egyptians.
My sheep are either slaughtered or grazing gracefully in Bethlehem.
I bet that leper is cured and has children to sow his crops for him.
Feeling betrayed by monotheism I turned to Poseidon;
But he mistook me for Odysseus and we wound up hoping islands.
Stuck with the general because we ate Charlton Heston;
Then the Cyclops ate the general and I was alone once again;
Not sure now just what sort of life that I’m living;
Was I out on some quest or was I seeking redemption?
I’d fought no wars of indigenous conquest;
I had no love or hate for any one object;
No wife to go back to;
No suitors to kill;
No robe like Richard Burton;
A destiny to fulfill.
My gifts are all gone and all I’ve left is my questions:
For whom do I ask? Is there ever an answer?
Without judgments or violence;
Pause a moment before continue:
Fables traces for thus:
In me there is him too.


This is Just a Poem

Having given up on everything
and then
being returned into
I am thus:
a spokesman for a life of solitude
a dignitary for the benefit of others
a rampant supposition of innuendo
a plaintive statement of fact

Neither collusion or incompatibility
speak to me on any level
that doesn’t accept one side as being
the same as the other side
in so much as they are
parts of the same whole

Good Readers

I’ve been a good reader for the best part of life.
I’ve been a good reader and I’m saying it twice.
For such as good readers being half for to go
I’d been a good reader with nothing to show.
Buying banks into logic
checks already been cashed
I read in my checking account
there is nothing left.