you have the privilege to do whatever you want, what else do you want?

we been coming back at reality
as if reality were something else
barking up the wrong tree
screaming as if sound mattered

what had been reducible
into something
that looked like a cross
a note
hung across
parallel lines
sounds only
like silence
to those that would defy it

we been watching the apocalypse
like it hadn’t happened yesterday
or the day before


A Hole Where My Heart Was

to tell people that they don’t know who they are
is to be a star
but to be a star on earth
that is
to see rebirth
in a whole series of moments
is hubris
for stars have not collided
and minds have not melted into
and to speak of personal desire
as if your desire
is everyone else’s
is not to be a star
it is to be what a star was
and now is
a dark hole
sucking in
all that you claim to know
but what you know
is limited by the light not yet here
by sounds not anywhere

thinking for others
is not the same thing
thinking for yourself
and when you think for
someone else
an omission of truth
becomes a lie
and a lie is not truth
a lie is not
a lie is not
who any of us were meant to be

if you can see out of
the hole that you have dug
know that dark stars
are always expecting
something else
to fill them up
for their own cup
has not yet runneth over
and you are not willing
to give everything of yourself

Aint No Thing

i have a propensity to be the most extreme person
in a room full of extreme people
that is
i decide that the most extreme thing to do is
it is when i
actually do
when everybody else is
doing something
which then is nothing
you know
something is sure as fuck
going to happen