Keep Your Feet Above Water, Like Jesus

I asked a random person:
“what the context was?”
and they said back to me:
“it’s what you said, because!”

I don’t take things
When it’s time for stealing
I pay people.


Young Republicans Eat They’re (sic) Young

we serve a community of none
we serve everyone
we serve a community of none
we serve everyone

if incompetence had a name
it would be

two eyes together
means you can see

two I’s together
means we

we serve a community of none
we serve everyone
we serve a community of none
we serve everyone


Of all the things one should not do
the most apparent thing is being you

whoever you are
whatever you do
it’s not good enough
because you are you

to deign a change
to contemplate
being more than you
is much too great

nothing you say
will have any meaning
nothing you think
will have any feeling

whoever you thought
you could think you were
before is now forever after.

Identity rules in circumstance
where context betrays their lack of affect.

Meaningless displays of innuendo
perfunctory alterations of when you had to
be something other, like you.

Untitled #56793

A creeping watchfulness withers once noticed
A silent version of splendor arises, then dies
If only because nothing special lasts that long
A minor annoyance rests like a boulder
On the hill it should have rolled down
Held up only by dead eyes
Waiting for something that already happened
A debt never paid
An anger left to linger
A slight perceived as weakness
An entitlement that has no title
A feeling that feelings should be proof
That proof is more than feeling
That actuality is less than one person
That society is not the sum of its parts
That unruly elements rule by fear
That nothing is watching the slow creep
Except for when we are watching
And when we are watching nothing
The dead rise up
Why we didn’t care about ourselves more?

Keep Screaming for Opie

There are no longer any eyes worth seeing with
or ears to hear;
There are no more mouths to speak
broken words that are
more often than not

In all the parlance
of blame that gets
reconnoitered like an accomplice,
felt out for possibility,
a place for the feint acquiescence,
–that nears–
the approximates kernels of truth,
for expectations,
being met;
we are content to hear,

anything (when and what we want to hear it),

but then there is
everyone (everything) else;
persons not like yourself
who have not the eyes
the ears
the mouths
the history
the agency

persuasiveness towards others
recalcitrant thinking
regardless of

There are not enough eyes for the world to hear
what each of us has to say;

Keep screaming anyway.

acceptable losses

At a minimum,
these missed connections
don’t add up to much
but too many times
I find
crossed purposes
to be
Not necessarily
we are all confused
but talking past
is not the same as
talking to.
Two people
or three
or four
or more
do not really say
to each other
it is too…
each, other;
six to one

Oh, why bother?

The Somerville Circle

If the reason that I keep winding up where I began
Is not that I have not gone anywhere,
And that instead, the slow traverses of elliptical leanings,
Never quite sure if the straight lines that could easily cross time,
Six to one and half the other,
Are actually straight lines,
But rather angled leanings, bending to the whim
Of the inevitable progression I must make,
And am always making;
Only to wind up
Back here
Where I began;
Thinking that everybody knows this is nowhere,
But everybody wouldn’t know nowhere if it knew them;
And I keep thinking that here and now
Looks so familiar because I’ve been here before?
I have not.