The Exemption of Theft is the Acceptence of Me

everybody wants to take everything from everybody else
except that everyone isn’t everyone
everyone is someone
and i don’t want to take anything from anyone
everything has been taken from me
i don’t want to everyone else to see
how limited it is
i am
so i must take something…

we all are emotionless
in that distance
we feel that separates
each of us
from each other

i loved in that moment
but love wasn’t returned.
a bad investment
but perhaps, i was divested from
in the first place

everybody wants to feel something
as long as they are feeling it with
someone else
the self isn’t the self
it is the moment
that you can steal from somebody else
but what you are is
seen afar by somebody else
and what they felt
has been taken from them
by somebody else
what i felt
was loss
and what i compared it to was loss
that was a gain for everyone else
except me