It’s a mixed up, muddlled up, shook up world

all the leaves are in sequence
and romance is a transplant
from another forest
where the breeze is a restless beduin
from when time began
statuettes gleaning the same breadth
as icicles, stalactites, or sunflowers

brace, here is yet another
that repetition isn’t repetition
from where time began
it is rejoined into
less than it has ever been
a negative consequence

squares of pine, knotted
laid down into smooth sheets
but for splinters there would be no reminder
of times when bark split
by the warm touch of iron


you do have to worry…

A parked car


The vain trap of identity

Future shock

It’s a strange way to go about giving

Taking it all

Dead whippoorwills

A divided room

Tape baked into windows

Those for whom love has for-sought

Toothy, chewing

Forsaken into rolled windows

Hot vinyl

Cold metal

Loose rubber

Bliss is recognizing recognition

Future shock(again)

Past blasts

Oh yeah


Oh yeah

I’m immune to your wicked society

I am not immune to anything

You see everything as cliche

Well i saw that already

And already what i have said is cliche

But your are okay

Because you are beautiful

And nothing you can do is ever wrong!

Someone said i was a Hegelian

I told them there was no binary

A car full of grapes came to get me

They said that California was the real thing

Ray Charles turned me onto diet coke

I turned to heroin

I knew life was about shriveled flesh

Sunshine experienced darkness

I wept