Flowed Down

There is no free flow of words
Coming from mouths, or from pens.
The fingers click triggers, keys,
And no one goes to sleep at night.
Matters of right, wrong, inconsequence;
Life on the ground is convergence.
Angles all getting the best angle around,
Obtuse or indigent…
But I’m from here says the man
With the abstruse mustache,
And that angle so inclined is that he must be mad;
Because angles so acute wouldnt wear faces on that one.
He’s got a clue in the kitchen;
A candlestick on my roll call;
Didn’t get the door open.
But I knew, I just knew.
Blew away that motherfucker away…
Sonny Boy Williamson too!
TB is killing him,
But the band’s not the same without Sonny or Dylan
Like I’m not the same when completely sober.
I never am.
Corner store liquor or my inside connect with the Taliban.
Opium prices never felt so good
When I can’t feel my back;
But troy ounces sure as hell should.
It’s been over a month chasing Hector around cities
And my ankles been broken,
Really feeling shitty.
Just understand that I am not talking anymore
I’m walking, and as doing, I will do this no more,
Giving in to you;
Walk your own damn talk you damn words!


Dining In

Left over from dinner but still warm on my plate
I eyed with suspicion the food I had just ate
Something was amiss, though no source could be found
Somehow my plate was now turning itself upside down
Though now spinning backwards and my pulse slightly up
I had no conscious except nonsense, which got mostly thrown up
On the floor of my kitchen with the food and the table
Which somehow lent support to my body unable
To rise to the occasion let alone clean myself up
The food was still eyeing me, so I said to it “what?”
It said, “Why did you eat me?”
So I replied “you were good”.
It said “all things that are good are not necessarily shoulds”.
I suddenly felt sorry for this dinner half eaten
Half spewed on the floor like some abominable cretin.
As I pondered its existence and questioned its need
I felt obliged to consume it
It was only then we agreed
That food left uneaten is like a child with scissors,
Alone in the park with a mismatched pair of sneakers
Never good.

Cynical Cake

Can I have my cake and eat it
Before Marie has her share?
I don’t want to get my head cut off but I’m Sydney on dare.
Far out man. That’s, like, too many obscure occurrences,
Occurring at one time,
Amazing how love nourishes;
When a child is taught values
And isn’t in front of a television;
And the parents both have lives
Beyond alcoholism and drug addiction.

There’s no cut in my drug use
Like no vetoes on spending
Both absolute,
Resolute in rank standing
Porous road borders
Marauding helicopters exploring…
A soul search from an American who would rather destroy it.
Don’t subscribe to convictions that isolate others
Even if that isolation brings some good and some order
Rather forfeit the elite than discriminate the populace
Mansions over hills with oceans on the bottom
So seductive, so engaging, so riddled in the news
The bullets like photographers getting paid to state the views
Nonchalant disenchantments – priority based opinions
Isms isms isms isms isms isms isms
Put a fasc, put a Marx, put feminine in there
Try a nation, try a county, try a rocket’s red glare.
Ideas in inferiority not getting chance to state dynamics
Plans for social standing beyond capitalist mechanics
Formulaic answer for a question not yet asked
Is the future in the future or is the past just here at last?

What are the stakes now?
I’ll put my share of the debt in
I hear it’s like ten grand
Shall I cash all my chips in?
Sorry to the dealer, no tip out on this one
Just a smile and flash
So easy how the deeds done
Don’t have any more cash
Get the equivalent value.
Man, you shouldn’t be talking trash
Your face will be in a towel
Bloody and disgusted
Would have been easier to be corrupted
Like George and me man
Not talking moving on up kid
Just sly talking and even shadier dealings
Myra Lansky in a flash
Cuba before Castro came in
Falling out of the sky
Chicken little then John Kennedy
Blown his head out the side
Tell me one slug did that, enemies
Fuck that, I’ll take out the trash
I’ll take on corruption
I’m Grant on Boss Tweed after enough is enough, shit.
Why get all somber talking facts and economics?
I’d rather be talking shit towards homophobes and Republicans
Wait I know that’s unfair, way too big a generalization
Homophobes are just scared. Republican’s rule a nation.
Don’t dare call yourselves the party of Lincoln
He walked with angels and you collaborate with corporations
A man in an impediment more than we can ever know;
The fate of a nation,
And those casualties to show.
Back then just the telegraph;
While he’s asleep on a couch;
Waiting for the results of Antietam, so he could announce.
A document both proficient but at the same time wholly lacking,
Any real truth in its words but in spirit holy packing;
Don’t think he didn’t know that. Well now you’re thinking wrong,
Would we be so radically deconstructed, if he hadn’t heard that song?
Watching and listening from the foremost of balconies,
Just as many enemies in the North as the South you see.

It’s a questionable, still…

Any misnomers and reservations best report them now or else.
Fuck FEMA. Fuck Congress. Most of all fuck yourself
Only political masturbation could have this result
Like the low man on the totem it’s impossible, you won’t
Get any kind of result if you don’t go out and vote
People died for that right
Most of us don’t give a damn
Damn near half the nation
I can hear the I cant’s;
I don’t care;
It doesn’t matter;
They just rig the whole thing anyway;
Well if it is rigged,
It’s rigged, because you did not say;
Anything that mattered or anything with means,
Pillows of ears, insulation, to cover up the dreams;
Dark boats, dark rivers, darks destinations not clear,
You can feel my heart of darkness;
Like Kurtz felt fear.
At the end of the day anyway, I got that impression from Marlon Brando;
Joseph Conrad thinks different, he’s more cynical than me, no?

(October 2004 Revised August 2011)

Cultural Treatise for Free and Blank Verse

There is money that I have never seen but, I have spent prodigiously
What are we, as Americans, willing to stand for?
Our resources are wasted upon ourselves;
The expense of others is secondary;
For want of what?
Bigger weaponry.
These rights that have been declared must be analyzed
I declare myself willing,
The understanding of that, which, I do not know
Without rash judgment,
Or making false pulpits,
I strive to see the greater humanity.

The founding fathers were bigoted men
But you’d be bigoted too, born back then
There is still slavery in the Twenty first century
There are still bigoted men
America has transcended this
Social progressiveness has reached its zenith in this country
Any revolution that gave people freedom has always contained hypocrisy
The best intentions must leave room for improvement
Which, as the American experiment must attest,
Is the farthest example in both internal complexities,
As well as, the possibility for greatest individual rights.
The intentions of the truest founding father, James Madison
Created a government that in its imperfection,
Strove for an ever evolving set of civil possibility.
The greatest requisite for a civil society is flexibility.
America has shown a capability to change itself to meet an ever-adapting world
Many would argue, that,
America has led these changes, yet,
This is the trenchant dogma that defeats the spirit of this country.

The violation of civil liberties has always been a concern in the American experiment
The bill of rights was an addendum;
Our rights an after thought.
What the bill guaranteed because the constitution didn’t not supply as such,
That the government once elected could not guarantee these rights…
So the guarantees was built into the document
Thus, The Bill of Rights

Many people subscribe to a particular amendment
The first, which guarantees free speech
The second, which gives us guns, huh,
Uhm, take it how you want
Most Americans view the bill of rights as a culmination
The right to do what we please?
Nay, the right to live here in peace
Treating each other how we would want to be treated.

We the people, infringe upon each other’s liberties though
And when, there is a government that is willing,
Ignoring the blindness of the law to serve their ignominy.
Such are the case when a question must be asked,
Do the services of the government serve the needs of the people?
If the answer to this question is no, then, what is the function of the government?

The involvement of the federal government,
In the everyday lives of Americans,
Is at a level that would have surprised even Hamilton
What would have surprised Hamilton even more
Is, despite his fervent belief in private enterprise,
The ability for companies, to supersede the rights of the individual

Is not tyranny, tyranny?

For whatever our sins are
Each individual must address them
For it is individually that we bear them as a collective
A common sacrifice for the possibility that is
Social progression
Hate whom you please but prepare to be hated
The is no supposition in the approbation of freedom

Questions remain…

(July 2006 Revised August 2011)