Keep Screaming for Opie

There are no longer any eyes worth seeing with
or ears to hear;
There are no more mouths to speak
broken words that are
more often than not

In all the parlance
of blame that gets
reconnoitered like an accomplice,
felt out for possibility,
a place for the feint acquiescence,
–that nears–
the approximates kernels of truth,
for expectations,
being met;
we are content to hear,

anything (when and what we want to hear it),

but then there is
everyone (everything) else;
persons not like yourself
who have not the eyes
the ears
the mouths
the history
the agency

persuasiveness towards others
recalcitrant thinking
regardless of

There are not enough eyes for the world to hear
what each of us has to say;

Keep screaming anyway.


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