Possibly, You Can See Possibility

People like to pretend that they exist in a system
where control and happenstance do not coexist.
That is to say, that they can control
what they want, when they want,
and blame the universe for all they cannot.
For myself, the world, nay, all existence
is controlled by a system that cares little for
any proposition that doesn’t add to the totality of being.

Nothing is ever repeated;
Nothing is ever deleted;
It is re-substantiated.

For the substance of all worth
on this earth, or anywhere for that matter,
is that we are slowly dawning new realms
of imperceptibility.

Control isn’t chance.
It is planned.
Chance isn’t so much loss of control
as it is detailed planning
of all contingencies.

You cannot plan for everything,
but everything can plan for you.
And there is a chance that
all you can control is accidents.


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