We Have The Best Value On Used House Decor Whywhere

When I looked not to see past and instead
found an old friend
who in desperation and longing
had been tying up loose ends,
I thought:
Is life so much longer
than either of us had been used to?
And are we left to wonder what’s the use if we did do
something wrong?
A bard writes another song
and then the future catches us
as we’re forced to sing along.
There is nothing wrong!
The past is what makes life long.
So here’s another lyric
that proves life makes us strong.

I got gassed
Screwed up with a hard face
wondering what happened
as I stared at the coke plate
weed smoke was everywhere
my eyes were on fire
thinking bout the brick in the seat
as I changed the flat tire
I’m inspired
I know that nothing can touch us
too young to know better
that I’m addicted to hard luck
now I been fucked
two times as an offender
I stare at the walls
I swear that I can do better
but no whether
a prince like breezly brewin
or true to myself
It’s my life
I been ruined

but pasts’ is all past
and futures’ all future
everything is everything
the next day a new one


2 Comments on “We Have The Best Value On Used House Decor Whywhere”

  1. ryan says:

    The relationship between past and present is transactional. The present is always shaping the past, but the past that we shape in the present,also shapes our understanding of the present, right?

  2. Shamus says:

    Wow. That is a really personal and intimate poem. It was a smooth read…the first verse really sunk its teeth in me. You exposed yourself on this one… nice work. There’s something to be said and felt when the writer lets the heart speak via the word; helping bare the dark and light contained in the art, the memory and the feelings we have about the things we’ve done.

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