Cross Country Drive Note: #472

Creeks running shallow in a dry dead kind of season
A coyote howls, profound.
Inside of a car with a license plate that reads Arkansas
A family is sitting parked in a rest stop on Interstate 20
One hundred and thirty odd miles outside of Odessa, Texas.
John Dandry just spent his last forty dollars on gas, milk, one pound of sliced turkey,
A loaf of white bread, two quarts of oil, one Hershey bar distributed two ways,
One large coffee also distributed two ways, and one scratch off lottery ticket;
Samuel and Carolyn in the back seat were distracted momentarily,
The sweetness of the chocolate a temporary tonic for boredom.
John and Margaret Dandry, in the the front seat passing a coffee,
Scratching that lottery ticket got them only a moment of bliss,
Thinking all that could be…


(Composed July 2004)


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