The Beat is Building

it is,
that people get to live
who they are.

I am that record.

And who I am,
who we are.

We are,
all of us,
one righteous groove;
not a nation,
but a movement:
a rhythm,
succinct yet syncopated,
slightly off beat and out of tune.

For each of us is:
one note,
one pitch,
within the register
that is always
in spite of our


in a nation of grooves
that needs no conductor,
we are all DJ’s
that abuse each other’s stylus,
and are forgotten,
very often,
as we state:
I am who I am!

By the very nature of groove
that past is sneaking up to you.
Now scratch!
A rhythm of your own making
thats eats my beat
as I, we,
choose what to hear from ears,
that misses the better part of
each other,
but shares in the same

The beat is still building!


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