Rides for Gift Horses

I had come bearing gifts;
But there was no one to give them to.
Jesus left with his entourage close to an hour ago.
Hell man! I’m stuck here with two sheep,
A drunken old leper, and a horse with no shoes on his feet.
Feeling remiss for the leper, I left him some coinage.
Then I jumped on the horse and rode after Jesus.
After 2 or 3 days, riding this of horse of no control
I got stopped by some Romans that were out on patrol.
They knocked me off my horse and tethered me with shackles;
Said that I was to go before the proconsul.

Now I’m in Jerusalem answering to charges against the empire;
I’m some kind of rebel that’s been plotting to conspire…
“Not at all Praefectus, you see I’m a simple gift giver–
Only wanted to see John and get bathed in the river.
It’s all so confused– I’d like to explain to you,
How a man like me comes to kneel before you.”

…Insolent savage how dare you address me…
For that — twenty years…
Take him to serve on a galley…

Now rowing ores somewhere in the Mediterranean;
Charlton Heston saved me after the hull got crushed in.
So it’s him, some general, and me on a raft due west of Beirut;
The battle got won but still I’ve no where to go.
Heston says god will surely find us a way.
The general says different, he says were both slaves.
That’s fine for Heston I know he gets to meet Jesus;
Plus he was Moses after he worked for the Egyptians.
My sheep are either slaughtered or grazing gracefully in Bethlehem.
I bet that leper is cured and has children to sow his crops for him.
Feeling betrayed by monotheism I turned to Poseidon;
But he mistook me for Odysseus and we wound up hoping islands.
Stuck with the general because we ate Charlton Heston;
Then the Cyclops ate the general and I was alone once again;
Not sure now just what sort of life that I’m living;
Was I out on some quest or was I seeking redemption?
I’d fought no wars of indigenous conquest;
I had no love or hate for any one object;
No wife to go back to;
No suitors to kill;
No robe like Richard Burton;
A destiny to fulfill.
My gifts are all gone and all I’ve left is my questions:
For whom do I ask? Is there ever an answer?
Without judgments or violence;
Pause a moment before continue:
Fables traces for thus:
In me there is him too.


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