content without context
drinking the double helix
and the first thing in instinct
is the last thing to think quick

mastery of universes
like mastery of one herded
into the the fish bowl
of mastering double murder

killing in me is killing itself
and killing each other is all I’ve ever felt like doing
well, that and screwing
sex equals death
like a dead body equals booty

shit that doesn’t stink
is a smell you haven’t found yet
and in ruptures of stars there
are wars that haven’t found death
moribund verses in pounds of ragged armor
that get chained together
like me and farmer’s daughters

there was a time when i worried about abundance
and what all you would do when you could count above one hundred
but now i’m so small i’m not even diminutive
and my sense of time is in line
like i only have one life to live
so i say what i say and i do what i do
I watch all of you lie and watch all of you screw
and one of these days i’ll probably fucking join you
cuz fucking and lying is a real good time
like living and dying
is all the same time
so we all might as well be indignant in pleasure
and count all the days with downloads and whether
what you say or i say is in the same book
but i’m still counting my time
for your abundance is rooted in worry
as mine once was and always fucking will be
but i’m counting on you to not be counting on me
let’s leave it all to history


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