No, this is not a predilection
It is a reflection
On time being wasted
When false philosophers
Spout ideologies
Claiming they are not ideological;
When they are.
By very existence they are.
Their being is wrapped in meanings
Drawn from historical gleanings they know
But do not want to understand.
They merely want to tear down all in their dirty hands.
As if their reticence is any less reticent
Than a corporate conglomerate.
You speak about responsibility;
You speak about equanimity;
You speak as if equality was possible;
And before even more people get shot,
Think about where you will be on the firing line,
Reciting with glee, that you, the revolutionary
Did humanity’s work;
But the planet cares not for humanity
It has, and always will, consume us.
And if you think that our consumption, our mass production,
matters one iota–you have bought another quota;
One as materialistic as a damn Trotskyite.
And believe it or not he’s right.
Small cadres influence the consequence of billions;
And acting otherwise is naive.
But what I believe is that we all must live
Regardless of consequence, and our own reticence
Is the love we do not share
But instead bare, as souls seeking other souls
In order to reach singularity.
And that is my mission:
To live, love, and die
With my comrades in friendship
Laying together,
In a grave dug by Gaia.


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