Untitled #?

People tell me I’m afraid to jump off bridges
Stick a needle in my vein or hire a hand to dig ditches,
Roadways traveled ‘bout a buck o’ five
Manual labor escapism and jurisprudence justified,
Moral reprehension, I feel sense it is heightened,
And the moment before I jumped, I was enlightened,
The abyss isn’t ellipse, it’s helter skelter apocalypse.

(Word magic Ajax, Krispy Kreme, thumb tacks,
Flax over backs say word and act relaxed,
Indigo blue climb Antarctica sunshine,
Mime out the time best believe or press rewind.
Hundreds of have nots in the train to get some shot,
Jumping over backs like leapfrogging in one spot.
Safety helmet, kneepad wearing motherfuckers
Afraid to fructify, clearly plainspoken smutted.)

Trees are not green and the sky is not blue.
Poor men have trodden feet to bone, looking for home .
Worrisome travels in a dark lost landscape;
Jagged blackness with a tinge of shined prune.
Enough to get your eyes wet,
Clean and coldly efficient.

(composed sometime between 2005 and 2007)


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