Cultural Treatise for Free and Blank Verse

There is money that I have never seen but, I have spent prodigiously
What are we, as Americans, willing to stand for?
Our resources are wasted upon ourselves;
The expense of others is secondary;
For want of what?
Bigger weaponry.
These rights that have been declared must be analyzed
I declare myself willing,
The understanding of that, which, I do not know
Without rash judgment,
Or making false pulpits,
I strive to see the greater humanity.

The founding fathers were bigoted men
But you’d be bigoted too, born back then
There is still slavery in the Twenty first century
There are still bigoted men
America has transcended this
Social progressiveness has reached its zenith in this country
Any revolution that gave people freedom has always contained hypocrisy
The best intentions must leave room for improvement
Which, as the American experiment must attest,
Is the farthest example in both internal complexities,
As well as, the possibility for greatest individual rights.
The intentions of the truest founding father, James Madison
Created a government that in its imperfection,
Strove for an ever evolving set of civil possibility.
The greatest requisite for a civil society is flexibility.
America has shown a capability to change itself to meet an ever-adapting world
Many would argue, that,
America has led these changes, yet,
This is the trenchant dogma that defeats the spirit of this country.

The violation of civil liberties has always been a concern in the American experiment
The bill of rights was an addendum;
Our rights an after thought.
What the bill guaranteed because the constitution didn’t not supply as such,
That the government once elected could not guarantee these rights…
So the guarantees was built into the document
Thus, The Bill of Rights

Many people subscribe to a particular amendment
The first, which guarantees free speech
The second, which gives us guns, huh,
Uhm, take it how you want
Most Americans view the bill of rights as a culmination
The right to do what we please?
Nay, the right to live here in peace
Treating each other how we would want to be treated.

We the people, infringe upon each other’s liberties though
And when, there is a government that is willing,
Ignoring the blindness of the law to serve their ignominy.
Such are the case when a question must be asked,
Do the services of the government serve the needs of the people?
If the answer to this question is no, then, what is the function of the government?

The involvement of the federal government,
In the everyday lives of Americans,
Is at a level that would have surprised even Hamilton
What would have surprised Hamilton even more
Is, despite his fervent belief in private enterprise,
The ability for companies, to supersede the rights of the individual

Is not tyranny, tyranny?

For whatever our sins are
Each individual must address them
For it is individually that we bear them as a collective
A common sacrifice for the possibility that is
Social progression
Hate whom you please but prepare to be hated
The is no supposition in the approbation of freedom

Questions remain…

(July 2006 Revised August 2011)


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