“Hope 2012” aka How The Bumper Sticker On My Car Tells Me A Lot About Myself

Hello, I’m a voice
speaking in hushes to warn concern;
That thy wishes, cold and leery lust,
like a leaf with orange burn,
are agents of hurry, excitably;
Touring the countryside, bicycling,
very, very, very, hermeneutically….

(Must be the wind invariably)

To hell with wrong sides
I went straight up from bed
flew through the ceiling
and contused a halo on my head.

Bad day or Monday.
One day or Sunday.
We’re all gonna die someday.

And when that fish eats me,
I won’t know shit.
except that,
it’s stuck in you.
Dreary for the dance;
All tangled up in blue.

Fortunes smile on the faces of people who face nothing;
Lackadaisical, but thrown on purpose a dull bone;
Bemused, stood the terrorist, as the hostage made a fist,
Yelling “who all wanna get blown to bits?”
I do, I do raising my hand,
saying the pledge of allegiance.

As America is born of terror…
it befits Shirley(don’t call me that) that,
she refinanced her home on the internet
Surely, I don’t know if that America exists.
I know she dates and finds singles, gets drunk at bars;
Comes home to the internet where she strokes it real hard.

Pithy syrup farmers drool as the next cloud grows.
Thumbs up. You are spared, or was it speared.
We spare no expense in the sharing of your excess.
But there is torrid plain dryness on souls who fall into entropy
under a bright blue sky where clouds puffy like cotton,
that combs made by Eli could not pick.
And fresh from the calloused hands wearing down
tools made of stone, chewing a few grains of barley,
and sitting in a hut with firewood that you call a highly specific unisex toilet;
Blood and shit–meaningless,
meaningless, as me saying this:
The lint in my pocket is my friend and his friend is called change.


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