Castigation In Stride

Bombasts aside
I can take it in stride
Mindful of events as I attempt to apprise
Situations in life or the hearts of all people

Walking down the street with a beautiful woman
Upon realization that she isn’t yours then
Back to the apartment for more weed and more liquor
Quick is the solution losing all feeling is quicker
Cept in the ineptitude
You didn’t do anything to it…
Made faces in rays of sun till your blood would turn bluer
Forgot that your life is like a thousand little deaths
Each one as painful as joy is bereft
Simple solitude
Oh, the loss of food
Like throwing up blood
Maybe a pint or two
Enough to get money to by a little more sorrow
The inevitable as inevitable
As waking up tomorrow
Well, maybe I will and maybe I won’t
Lying in the bathroom as my body slowly chokes
Reprehensible, so senseless this acting
Like a bull in a china shop
Making fracas for happening
No, I didn’t want to do it
But I did just the same
Ask me like you mean it
Like you want someone to blame
Lying back looking at destruction and chaos
Kicked off the century with a war just to piss off
Atheists and nonbelievers who said Christ isn’t coming
I’m duct tapped to a window with my gun just for fun, eh?
Move over my neighbors, bitch I’ll shoot out your meat hooks
Run into your house and take all your school books
Look at that binding, not a broken seam in it
Does your mind just absorb or are you that deft of a reader?
Laughing at the imagery and running from the insatiable
Hunger and thirst like falling bombs from a dirigible
Ease on back now it’s, like, time for your reality
There’s a hunger over there twice as strong as your reality
TV you crave, I know I can’t stop watching
By the time that I do my body will be rotting
Six feet beneath, but I’m over not under
As if Tralfalmadorians could decide or scoff at our lot then
Realize that little here is little more than most
Packing up microwaves like rappers pack toast
Not at all unbelievable
But let your reality decide, if this is just castigation
Or did I take it in stride?

(2006) Revised 2011


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